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Range Events


In addition to industry-leading manufacturers exhibiting at OPEX, we are excited to feature training, live demonstrations, and hands-on experiences. These are available to professionals attending OPEX. Be sure to register today!

NOVEMBER 14 2023 

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Law enforcment & Military Range day

When: November 14th, 2023

Time: 8:00am - 3:00pm

Cost: Free

Who: Law Enforcement & Military

Where: The Range Langley Indoor Shooting

OPEX West is delighted to unveil an exclusive range day, brought to you by one of our esteemed exhibitors, Beretta Defense Technologies. Mark your calendars for November 14th - it's conveniently scheduled just before OPEX WEST. Take this opportunity to try out their top-notch products and see them in booth 5 & 6 at OPEX WEST to answer all your questions!

Beretta Defense Technologies is the strategic alliance of Beretta Holding companies engaged in supporting the Defense and Law Enforcement community through designing, manufacturing and distributing advanced weapon systems, firearms, ammunitions, optics, electro-optics, clothing and accessories. The BDT companies produce some of the finest equipment in their respective markets. Masters of excellence and innovation, these companies have focused their combined technical expertise to become a single source partner to supply governments and agencies with strategic tools to address the requirements of modern combat and policing.

Come to Range Day and test out products yourself!

List of firearms you can try at BDT Range Day:

Sako: TRG M10
Tikka: TACT A1
Beretta: APX, 1301 Tactical, Cougar 8000D, ARX160, PMX Sub Machine Gun
Manurhin: MR73
Benelli: M4, M3 Tactical, Super Nova Tactical
Steiner: M7Xi, T6Xi, MPS, Tactical Binoculars, Military LRF
Burris: Fastfire RD


Guest access is limited to Military, Law Enforcement, applicable government agency personnel, Corrections Personnel, Bylaw, First Responders, Wildlife Protection and other armed agencies.

Attendees must be actively serving members of their department and present proper identification without exceptions.

There is no charge for this event.

Have a question? Contact the organizer

NOVEMBER 17 & 18 2023


Centrifuge Canada & 911 Supply  Ballistic Demo

When: November 17th, 2023 10am-2pm OR November 18th, 2023 10am-2pm

Cost: Free 

Who: Current Law enforcement & Military Personel

Where: Maple Ridge

What to bring: Eye & Hearing protection, food and drinks if needed ( coffee & snacks will be provided) 

As a law enforcement driven company Centrifuge, LLC specializes in vehicle-based tactics (VCQB), low light and structure problem solving, K-9 integration, performance-based skill building, range development / management / operations, instructor development and product consulting. 

Centrifuge Training LLC is offering 2 FREE vehicle ballistic demonstrations in conjunction with 911 Supply in the Vancouver area on November 17th and 18th.


Demonstration info will include the data driven approach behind Centrifuge Training regarding course materials, development and implementation. This will transition to a local range where we will explore in depth how vehicles perform when impacted by various types of rounds. From engines to doors to pillars and glass.

Questions or concerns? Contact at

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