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OPEX West Featured Exhibitors: Lorica Equipment, Vortex Canada & Sharkz Coins

For high-quality tactical equipment, be sure to check out LORICA Equipment. This Canadian-based company specializes in designing and manufacturing premium tactical equipment that is built to last. LORICA's products are designed to meet the demands of law enforcement, military, and other tactical professionals. Their mission is to provide reliable and effective gear to those who serve and protect.

What sets LORICA apart is not just the quality of their products but also their team of experts. The core LORICA team comprises former members of the Canadian Armed Forces, personal body armor specialists, and highly experienced textile and product design professionals who have worked with some of the largest and most reputable companies in the world. Their combined expertise and dedication to innovation drive the development of LORICA's exceptional tactical equipment.

LORICA Equipment aims to re-imagine the functionality and accessibility of technical equipment. The Company designs and develops purpose-built tactical gear and technical apparel with end-users to enhance the abilities and protection of prestigious law enforcement and military operators across North America and the World. If you're eager to experience their top-notch gear firsthand, be sure to visit booths 36, 37, and 44 at this years OPEX West. There, you can witness their products in action and gain deeper insights into their relentless pursuit of quality and excellence.

Vortex Canada stands as the official Canadian distributor of Vortex Optics, an esteemed company owned and operated by the visionary duo of Paul Grant and Val Wyatt. Vortex Optics is renowned worldwide for its exceptional optical instruments, meticulously designed to meet the rigorous requirements of both tactical professionals and avid hunters alike.

In its role as the official distributor, Vortex Canada proudly brings a comprehensive range of Vortex Optics products to the Canadian market. Vortex is distinguished for its commitment to innovation and quality, exemplified by its diverse offerings of premium sport optics, accessories, and apparel. What truly sets Vortex apart is their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, as evidenced by their unconditional, transferable, and lifetime VIP Warranty—a testament to their confidence in the longevity and reliability of their products. With over three decades of experience in the optics industry, Vortex has rightfully emerged as a leader in the optics market, continually pushing boundaries to provide the best.

If you're attending OPEX, make sure to stop by booth 40, where Vortex Canada will proudly showcase a range of optics designed to meet the stringent demands of Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Forces. Their exhibit will feature an impressive array of Riflescopes, Red-Dot sights, Binoculars, Monoculars, Spotting Scopes, and Laser Rangefinders, demonstrating their commitment to serving those who require the utmost in optical precision. Furthermore, don't miss the opportunity to witness capability demonstrations on both days of OPEX—a chance to see their cutting-edge products in action. Be sure to register and mark your calendar, as Vortex Canada promises an experience that combines innovation, quality, and practicality like no other.

Sharkz Coins has been a steadfast supporter of the military, police, and emergency services communities since its inception in 2006. If you're searching for the ideal token of appreciation or a memorable team-building memento, look no further than their expertly crafted challenge coins. Sharkz Coins takes immense pride in creating coins you'll be delighted to share.

Notably recognized in Canada for their exceptional challenge coins, Sharkz Coins extends their craftsmanship to an array of metal products. From crafting police badges, uniform buttons, rank bars, lapel pins, belt buckles, to even innovative items like bottle openers, their expertise knows no bounds. If it's metal and you wear it, they have the skills to make it happen.

This family-operated business, headquartered in Victoria, is helmed by a Canadian Forces veteran. They understand the profound dedication of military personnel, being proud parents of those in active service, spouses of veterans, and siblings of RCMP officers. At Sharkz Coins, they share your pride in serving the community, and their commitment to showing gratitude shines through both in the quality of their products and their exceptional customer service.

If you're eager to see the incredible work by Sharkz Coins, be sure to visit Booth 1 at OPEX West. Chris, Helen, and Montana look forward to welcoming you and engaging in meaningful conversations about their remarkable creations.


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