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OPEX West Featured Exhibitor: Morningstar

Morningstar’s business is providing specialized support to government, corporate and NGO. They offer services in the areas of:

Preparation & Planning

The benefit of averting a potential incident almost always outweighs the cost of reacting to one. Through rigorous preparation and planning, we help your organization develop a more measured approach to help manage incidents.

Specialized Global Operational Support

The most effective response is a prepared one. We help provide ongoing operational support as well as on-the-ground assistance in crisis situations to minimize disruption of your organization.

Complimentary Support

Internal resources are often at capacity or otherwise deployed. We help provide specialized and discrete back office capabilities that can enhance either of the two above categories.

Morningstar brings two distinctly valuable resources to any given situation:


They are the people who can help your organization prepare, plan and execute in complex situations to produce the greatest benefit with the least risk


A group of very experienced senior leaders who are available to offer counsel to Morningstar’s partners

Visit Morningstar at Booths 20 & 21 to learn how they can benefit your organization.

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