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OPEX West Featured Exhibitor: CroMog Corp.

CroMag Corp. is a veteran owned and operated business based in Vancouver, BC. CroMag Industries Corp.™ began as a desire to create a better solution to the problem of loading rifle magazines. The founders were unhappy with the existing solutions that were offered in the military, LEO and civilian firearms communities and wanted to create something better. At the time, the existing magazine loaders were either flimsy, disposable and prone to failure or large and bulky with complex mechanisms. Several of these products (in particular those offered by civilian firearms companies) were impractical for carriage and use in the field. In addition, even the best solutions were composed of cheap plastic materials that would fail in cold weather conditions experienced by soldiers. Out of necessity, the MagRipper™ was conceived.

CroMag Corp. will be stationed at booth 1 and will be featuring the MagRipper™ V1, a speedloader for .223 / 5.56 that works with any AR- style magazine and can be used with both clipped and loose ammunition. CroMag Corp. over-engineered every facet of the MagRipper™, from the 20% Carbon Fiber Reinforced, Impact Modified Nylon 6 polymer to the bespoke brass hardware and shark-scale texture which can withstand temperatures of -50°C and crushing forces of a 2500 kg vehicle. Every single MagRipper™ is hand assembled and function tested by their team and they are committed to the highest levels of customer and dealer support as they stand behind their product. Ounces make pounds, and seconds make minutes. When every second counts, choose MagRipper™.

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