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OPEX Featured Exhibitors: Vortex, Urban Tactical, Potti Corp & Evans Group

Vortex Canada is the official Canadian distributor of Vortex Optics and is owned and operated by Paul Grant and Val Wyatt. Vortex provides world renowned optical instruments that meet the exacting demands of tactical professionals and hunters.

Vortex Canada’s CPL. REGINALD J. WALES C.A.F. RET. has launched a Training Manual called "The Operational Tactical Optics Program” which is a Professional Firearm Optics Training Program for Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Forces. Advances in modern optics have created the need to implement a Professional Firearm Optics and Observation Program that will increase the effectiveness of the Officers’ abilities in the field and bring more resources to the Service. The knowledge gained from the Operational Tactical Optics Program will be beneficial to the Front-Line Officer, designated Marksman, Sniper Teams, Use of Force Trainers, as well as general observation and surveillance. Procurement Officers will benefit from the program as they will be able to make use of the knowledge gained to make the appropriate purchases needed that will benefit their Service. This program is designed to help reduce training costs, at the same time create the largest return on investment from any training available today within the Law Enforcement field. New modern techniques are discussed, as well as their application of use in real–world scenarios.

At Booth 66, Vortex Canada will have an assortment of optics on display that will meet the demands of Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Forces. Including Riflescopes, Red-Dots, Binoculars, Monoculars, Spotting Scopes and Laser Rangefinders.


Potti Corp. is the Canadian and European distributor of the tried, tested and proven Brief Relief and Disposa-John Waterless Field Lavatory Products.

Brief Relief and Disposa-John Field Lavatory products are specifically designed to be used in highly mobile, fluid environments. Potti Corp. products are compact, light weight, can be carried right to the field and set up in a matter of minutes by untrained personnel.

In business since 2021, Potti Corp., a Canadian family owned and operated business, has earned a reputation for quick response, customer service and on time delivery supporting our military customers in Canada, the UK and EU.

Stationed at Booth 6, Potti Corp. will be providing samples and demonstrating the use, portability and mobility of our Disposa-John, Brief Relief, Commode and Privacy Shelter products. Make sure to pay them a visit this year!



NANUK provides protective carry and transport solutions for specialty equipment in a variety of industries. NANUK protective cases are used for sensitive equipment such as medical devices, drones, cameras, firearms, A/V gear, measuring equipment, OEM product solutions, computers & communication equipment, and many other high-values professional equipment.

As one of earth's most resilient predators, the great white bear (NA-NOOK) is the inspiration behind their ​brand​ name ​due to its strength and fearlessness—made​ to survive in the harshest ​of​ conditions.

NANUK will be stationed at Booth 2 so make sure you pay them a visit during your trip to OPEX!


Since opening in 2008, Urban Tactical has grown to become the number one tactical supplier in the heart of Canada. From its roots in uniform supply, they have grown to encompass everything from boots to body armor, knives to holsters and apparel to backpacks –A wide selection of products based on customer needs and ever-changing industry specifications. Additionally, they offer in-house custom work from heat-pressing to striping and hemming, ready to exceed all uniform and custom apparel needs.

Following the growth of their first retail location, they decided to expand to serve the needs of Canada’s Eastern tactical market and open Southern Ontario's premium indoor shooting range and retail storefront.

Urban Tactical is conveniently located in Booth 1 so make sure you stop by when you enter!


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