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Introducing Operator Expo

This fall, Canada’s first major tactical trade show since the start of the pandemic goes into full swing – Operator Expo (OPEX) kicks off its inaugural show in Ottawa, Ontario from September 29th to the 30th.

OPEX is a brand new, customer-centric trade show with free attendance for Military, Government, and Law Enforcement Professionals from across Canada. Now that travel restrictions have been lifted, there is an opportunity for all interested parties to register their attendance for this event!

At OPEX, you will find both Canadian and International exhibitors from every corner of the industry showing off some of the best products currently on the market. Whether it be new uniform components, specialized tools of your trade, improved versions of venerable gear, or the necessities for your mission, it can be found on display at OPEX.

In short, the all-new Operator Expo is Canada’s premier showcase for Professional Operators to get product training, industry insight, and to explore purchasing opportunities. Use the link below to register yourself and your colleagues.


TYR Tactical Canada provides world-class engineering, research and design capabilities with customized solutions for soft and hard armor to nylon protective gear and other patented technologies. TYR Tactical Canada integrates expert knowledge and skillsets resulting in innovative and advanced solutions.

At their state-of-the-art 14,000 square foot facility in Kanata, ON, TYR Tactical Canada has assembled an elite team of designers, engineers and sewing professionals. Their continued advancement of design and technology allows for production of personal protective equipment that exceeds the standards available today and will out-perform any other brand on the market.

Protecting and serving the men and women of Canada’s Military as well as Law Enforcement Agencies from the municipal to federal levels has always been the number one priority for TYR Tactical Canada. All of their efforts have gone towards maintaining that commitment.

Each product that is designed at TYR Tactical Canada is developed with the mantra, Innovate or Die®, and is purpose built for the end user. Commitment to the end user’s safety has and always will drive their design and manufacturing philosophy. They do this by creating streamlined products that are more ergonomic and dynamic, as well as, significantly lighter and stronger than competitors. TYR Tactical Canada’s products are developed with direct input from some of the most elite operators in the world. Direct feedback from operators about mission specific load requirements and mobility allow TYR Tactical Canada to increase overall protection, comfort, mobility and performance. Special Operations training and a physiological approach are incorporated into each design. Their rigorous testing process allows them to continually evolve and provide products for today’s needs and threats, keeping TYR tactical Canada at the forefront of the industry.


Founded by Law Enforcement Officers in 1995, 911 Supply began its mission to bring best in class equipment solutions to Frontline Professionals across Canada. In over 25 years of operations and growth, 911 Supply has honed its product selection, knowledge base of experience, and service capabilities to become Canada’s leading experts on operational clothing & individual equipment.

911 Supply continues to cater to the needs of individuals, teams, and agencies with its best-in-class showroom presence, and the addition of its presentation & educational space – The Academy. The web interface at allows customers outside the Calgary area to also experience best-in-class service and selection, with solutions tailored to individuals or agency buyers. The addition of the in-house 911 Supply Custom Shop secures the industry-leading customer service portfolio. The team of dedicated Agency Sales Representatives is proud to serve those who put themselves at risk for the good of others through excellence in customer service, product knowledge, and expanding opportunities for training and product development. The Agency Sales Team focuses on supplying quality-made products and services that meet the stringent requirements of its customers to ensure they are prepared for duty.

“Our Mission at 911 Supply has always been to earn absolute trust from our community so they’re able to stay focused on their job of keeping Canadians safe. We do this by ensuring the values of our company shine through in our customer experience. We show this by making procurement and sourcing of product faster and easier, through better availability and responsiveness, and by providing higher total value. This has allowed 911 Supply to cultivate trusting relationships with our customers over the past 25 years. As a result, 911 Supply is Canada’s one-stop-shop for Frontline Professionals.” -Michael Sandst, President, 911 Supply


Parabellum Prime exists to enhance the readiness of those responsible for the safety of all Canadians - whether at home or abroad. Parabellum Prime prepares those who run towards danger, because they believe that in order to keep the peace, you must be prepared to fight.

Parabellum Prime formally began in 2017, but the need for an organization to focus on the unique requirements of Canada's specialized military and police started years before. By leveraging the strength and experience developed through 20+ years of operation in the Public Safety & First Responder markets with their sister company – 911 SupplyParabellum Prime was immediately positioned as a leader in the industry. Their continued focus on partnerships to develop innovative solutions for Canada’s professional operators is how they deepen their purpose to those we serve.

Parabellum Prime maintains a showroom, warehouse, office, and classroom/training space in the West end of the National Capital Region, near Ottawa. Focusing on uniform and equipment solutions for Canada’s Frontline Professionals, each staff member at Parabellum Prime lives the company values by supporting the operational requirements of those who are called on to keep Canadians safe.


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