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Featured Exhibitors: My Smart Fuel Cell, NORLEANS Technologies Inc & MD Charlton Company

We are back with more featured exhibitors for you! Here are just three of the 40+ exhibitors you can expect to see at the upcoming Operator Expo.

MySmartFuelCell is a leading provider of hydrogen and direct methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power solutions. From individual portable units to vehicle mounted power mySmartFuelCells provides autonomous power for military and emergency operations. mySmartFuelCell also offers NO IDLE, FULL POWER systems for service vehicle

Make sure you check out the MySmartFuelCell interactive experience at 2:45pm- 3:15pm on day 1.

MySmartFuelCell will have three fuel cell models available on site (personal, mobile and vehicle versions) and to illustrate ease of use interested visitors will be able to get 'hands on' with the products, from unboxing to set up to powering up lighting, electronics, computers, charging stations, etc.

Be sure to pay My Smart fuel Cell a visit at Booth 59!

NORLEANS Technologies Inc. is a privately owned Federally Incorporated, Canadian company, specializing in the provision of transportation and logistics support equipment. NORLEANS Technologies Inc. is presently located on 100 acres of property 40 KMs west of CFB Borden and north of Toronto airport. Facilities include warehousing and office facilities.

NORLEANS acts as a military marketing consultant to companies from Canada, United States, Denmark and Germany. NORLEANS Technologies Inc. has since 1995 been marketing and selling military various military Logistics Containers including ISU, EISU, and HESAMS deployable airlift certified containers. Other products include LED SMART lights and NANUK cases including a NANUK LED stringable light kits, LOAFDTAMER Cargo Restraint Nets, ROUSSEAU metal workbenches and Cabinets and the US military designed Joint Modular Intermodal Container.

Acting as either an agent or representative of various equipment manufacturers, NORLEANS provides newly designed and off the shelf military (MOTS) or COTS products required to meet the military and commercial logistics shipping, deployment and mobility requirements. Thru the OEM most of the products can be modified and tailored to meet individual user / customer requirements.

Be sure to visit NORLEANS Technologies at Booth 46 to learn more about what they have to offer.

Founded in 1980, MDC has grown from a small office and retail showroom in Victoria, BC to a salesforce across Canada with a distribution hub in Mississauga, ON, and a retail store in Ottawa (Stittsville).

MDC has revolutionized the way Canada’s police, military and other first-responders discover and select their clothing, weapons and other mission critical equipment.

MDC has been an ongoing supporter of bringing game changing products and training to the Canadian marketplace. MDC was first to introduce Taser International (lifesaving electroshock weapons), Bounce Imaging (tactical throwable cameras), Point Blank Body Armour (lightweight body armour), and many more to the Canadian market.

MDC will be stationed at Booths 35 & 36 so don’t forget to stop by!


In addition to these industry-leading manufacturers, OPEX will feature training, seminars, live demonstrations, and in-depth presentations from subject matter experts in the industry. These are available to all Law Enforcement, Military, and Corrections Personnel attending OPEX. Check back frequently for the full schedule!

We're excited to have these exhibitors and many more at the upcoming event. Be sure to check them out and see what they have to offer. We'll see you there!

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