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Featured Exhibitors: Direct Action, INVISIO& Wajax

We are back with more featured exhibitors for you! Here are just three of the 40+ exhibitors you can expect to see at the upcoming Operator Expo.

Randy Turner is the owner and head coach at Direct Action. A company providing full-spectrum combative training. Blending a mixture of skills and experiences to create a system for self-defence and combative skill enhancement. His humble and easy-going demeanor enables him to evolve, grow, adapt and share his combat expertise.

Randy Turner merged a series of talents into a comprehensive package specifically designed to assist our Military, Law Enforcement, Security Professional and other Government Agencies. He has also adapted his training methodology to provide for the general population. His courses are challenging physically, mentally and emotionally.

Direct Action will encourage a full spectrum combative culture. Providing physical and mental tools working in unison to enable all citizens the ability to protect themselves and perform optimally. While managing the realities of today new normal, we will promote a level of tribalism and togetherness through shared actions of courage and respect.

Be sure to pay Direct Action a visit at Booths 1 & 2.

INVISIO is a provider of cutting-edge personal communication and hearing protection systems that enable professionals to operate and communicate safely and clearly in all environments, even under extreme conditions. Their systems include headsets and advanced control units that interface to a wide range of communication devices while providing hearing protection and maintaining situational awareness.

INVISIO stands out for its capability to combine knowledge of human hearing, acoustics, electronics, and mechanics to develop best-in-class technical solutions. By combining expertise in various disciplines, INVISIO develops communication systems that meet the requirements of professional users.

Quality is an essential ingredient of INVISIO's culture and values, with the overall objective of supporting customers and users in their mission-critical and life-critical work-situations. INVISIO's commitment to quality includes compliance with international standards and regulations, as well as specific requirements in the countries they operate, to meet the expectations of customers and shareholders.

Drop by booth 30 to speak to the experts and learn more about the best products for you.

As proud industry experts and leaders in Canada, Wajax boasts an exceptional team of certified technicians and specialized engineers. They possess an in-depth understanding of the ongoing challenges faced by customers on a daily basis. Leveraging their technical expertise and engineering skills, the company is uniquely positioned to provide innovative solutions to address these challenges and prevent future issues from arising.

It all began in 1858 when B.J. Coghlin opened a small blacksmith shop in Montreal, QC. During a period of significant industrial growth, the company forged close relationships with local businesses, playing a vital role in shaping the Canada we know today.

Through this journey, a profound passion emerged – a commitment to shaping Canada's future by supporting industries that drive progress through continuous innovation and unparalleled technical skill and expertise.

Today, this passion has propelled the company to serve and support a wide range of industries and core sectors that form the backbone of the Canadian economy. These include energy and renewables, food and beverage, construction, industrial and commercial, transportation, the oil sands, forestry, oil and gas, metal processing, mining, and marine.

Wajax will be stationed at booth 17 so be sure to stop by!


In addition to these industry-leading manufacturers, OPEX will feature training, seminars, live demonstrations, and in-depth presentations from subject matter experts in the industry. These are available to all Law Enforcement, Military, and Corrections Personnel attending OPEX. Check back frequently for the full schedule!

We're excited to have these exhibitors and many more at the upcoming event. Be sure to check them out and see what they have to offer. We'll see you there!

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