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Featured Exhibitors: Cromag, Canadian Technology Systems, PRE Labs

We are back with more featured exhibitors for you! Here are just three of the 40+ exhibitors you can expect to see at the upcoming Operator Expo.

Cro-Mag Industries Corp is set out with a vision to create innovative tools to improve the lives of soldiers, law enforcement officers and civilian firearms owners. Their core values are uncompromising quality, extreme durability and unflinching reliability. They pridethemslevs in only creating products that they would personally carry and use.

CroMag Industries Corp. began as a desire to create a better solution to the problem of loading rifle magazines. The founders were unhappy with the existing solutions that were offered in the military, LEO and civilian firearms communities and wanted to create something better. At the time, the existing magazine loaders were either flimsy, disposable and prone to failure or large and bulky with complex mechanisms. Several of these products (in particular those offered by civilian firearms companies) were impractical for carriage and use in the field. In addition, even the best solutions were composed of cheap plastic materials that would fail in cold weather conditions experienced by soldiers. Out of necessity, the MagRipper was conceived. Stop by Booth 44 to learn more!

CTS strives to be the foremost innovator in the disruption technology for improvised explosive devices and unexploded ordnances using a scientific approach to create and produce the most advanced, safe and reliable equipment. They observe and listen in order to deliver tools that offer many benefits without compromise to First Responders and authorities around the world. Today, the company has a strong network of agents, partners and technicians who are ready to meet the demands of their end users worldwide.

CTS will be stationed at Booth 4 so be sure to stop by!

PRE Labs takes great pride in offering a comprehensive and expanding range of body armor products. Their lineup includes concealable, external, and tactical carriers, as well as soft armor panels, hard armor rifle plates, and an array of pouches, accessories, and more.

With an unwavering focus on innovation and prioritizing your safety, PRE Labs remains at the forefront of armor technology development. Their cutting-edge advancements include armor technologies that can alert users when moisture or other potentially destructive elements have compromised their ballistic panels.

Defense and law enforcement organizations place their trust in PRE Labs' protective armor, which is certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). However, their commitment to exceptional customer service further sets them apart. When reaching out to PRE Labs, customers can expect swift and qualified support, with their team readily available to provide assistance and address any inquiries related to finding the best armor protection for their respective organizations.

Stop by Booth 67 & 68 to check out their selection and see what they have to offer.


In addition to these industry-leading manufacturers, OPEX will feature training, seminars, live demonstrations, and in-depth presentations from subject matter experts in the industry. These are available to all Law Enforcement, Military, and Corrections Personnel attending OPEX. Check back frequently for the full schedule!

We're excited to have these exhibitors and many more at the upcoming event. Be sure to check them out and see what they have to offer. We'll see you there!

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