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Featured Exhibitors: Bollé Safety, Mustang Survival, Joint Force Tactical & ArcField Canada


OPEX coming to Ottawa soon!

May 29-30th, 2024

Operator Expo is focused on supporting the operational requirements of Military, Law Enforcement and Corrections end-users in Canada. OPEX is the premiere showcase for your agency to gain insight, training, and procurement opportunities from the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. We are focused on bringing all the resources and information you need together in one place, so that you can focus on what is important - Your mission.

We're excited to announce that we've added even more exhibitors for you to meet at the Infinity Convention Centre this spring. See you there!

Check out some of the vendors you can expect to see at OPEX 2024!


Bollé Safety

Bollé Safety Standard Issue  leads in PPE eyewear, protecting over 20 million users daily. Dedicated to tactical and first responders, the brand meets top safety standards like EN166 and ANZI, operating globally with distribution in over 80 countries.

Mustang Survival

For over 55 years, Mustang Survival has innovated in marine safety, trusted by entities from NASA to the Navy Seals. They design and manufacture gear suited for everything from inshore boating to open ocean adventures, ensuring the safety of boaters, anglers, and paddlers. Mustang Survival is dedicated to protecting lives on the water, helping ensure everyone returns home safely. Find them at Booth 11

Joint Force Tactical

With 80 years of combined experience in the Canadian Armed Forces and law enforcement, Joint Force Tactical equips military, law enforcement, and first responders with essential, field-tested gear. They focus on the latest advancements to improve safety, speed, and agility, ensuring their clients trust in both their equipment and its source.

ArcField Canada

For over 35 years, Arcfield Canada has been the sole avionics sustainment provider for Canada's fighter fleet, offering key lifecycle support and maintenance. As the prime contractor for the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Air Force, they ensure high fleet availability and strong performance across defense programs.

Now is the best time to register! Before spots sell out!

Registration is FREE for attendees.

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