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Announcing the Training Schedule for OPEX 2023! 

In addition to industry-leading manufacturers exhibiting at OPEX, we are excited to feature training, seminars, live demonstrations, and in-depth presentations from subject matter experts in the industry. These are available to all Law Enforcement, Military, and Corrections Personnel attending OPEX. Be sure to register today!

More training added weekly! Check the site for the full schedule.


Featured Demo:

RCMP O-Division Emergency Response Team

Tactical Marine Mandate and Capabilities O-division ERT will be providing an overview of the Tactical Marine Mandate and response as part of the capability demonstrations. They will also be presenting short case studies of tactical marine operations that members of the team have been involved in as well as provide a presentation of some of the specialized kit and equipment that is used.

Time: 9:30am - 11:00am

Cost: Free

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